Online Safety Webinar

Lead Scotland are pleased to be offering free training on zoom this September for people wanting to get to grips with different areas of online safety and security. They are hosting 30 minute webinars (with extra time for activities and questions) on a range of topics: 

  • Protect yourself with strong passwords – 6th September
  • Remember your passwords using password managers – 6th September
  • How to use two-factor authentication – 8th September
  • How to update your digital devices – 8th September
  • How to back up your data – 10th September
  • Recognise email scams and fake emails – 10th September

These topics were chosen in line with the National Cyber Security Centre Cyber Aware 6 Actions as part of our new project’s aim to widen access to online security messaging. We’re commissioning and producing alternative formats including BSL, Braille, HTML, Polish, Urdu and Arabic amongst others. Click here to access these resources. 

The webinars will be especially useful for disabled people or those who might find it harder to use the internet safely, but they are open and suitable for everyone. They will also be handy for you if who care for someone who needs some extra support using their digital device safely. All classes are free and open to the public. 

Training for Trainers

Lead Scotland are also offering 1 hour ‘Training for Trainers’ lunchtime sessions are for practitioners, volunteers or others who support people with low digital confidence. They’ll cover the basics of online safety and the strategies you can use to support the people you work with to feel safer online.

Each session is the same and you only need to attend one

For information on dates and time, as well as to sign up, go to our website: 

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