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Digital Skimming

Digital skimming is the action of stealing credit card information or payment card data from customers of an online store. The transaction data is intercepted during the online purchase checkout process, without customers noticing anything unusual.
Digital skimming attacks are rising. The attacks can go undetected for a long time. When a breach is eventually discovered, it can bring reputational damage for the online store, because the users will question the safety of the service.

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Online Shopping Safety Tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have quickly escalated to be the peak pre-Christmas sale. While this benefits those shopping for Christmas, it has opened new avenues for cyber criminals to target their victims. As our inboxes are flooded with promotional emails and discount codes, it can become difficult to distinguish genuine emails from scams.

So, whether it’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday or any other day, online shoppers must be vigilant when making purchases. We’ve set out our top tips to help protect you this season from criminals and scams:

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Cyber Runway Pitch Day

Cyber Runway is hosting a pitch day for cyber security startups. This event will be a great chance for startups to network with fellow startups, industry experts and investors. Startups will also get to hear about how they can better engage with the local ecosystem and the various innovation programmes on offer.

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