Cyber Skills and Qualifications

Scotland offers a number of ways to train for careers in cyber security.

Some people start off in another tech role and then specialise. Others know that they want to work in cyber security and choose their subjects at school, college or university to suit. Other people retrain from a different career entirely.

Getting a qualification

There are many qualifications in cyber security available in Scotland. You can study an NPA in Cyber Security at school, apply for an apprenticeship, or study a master’s degree at University.

Did you know that Scotland is one of the world’s first countries to teach cyber security in schools?

Cyber security qualifications that are available in schools, colleges and universities. All the qualifications are linked to the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) and many of the computing science courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate level may also include cyber security modules.

Read more about cyber security qualifications available in Scotland.

Cyber security qualifications

Professional development

There are many opportunities for you to progress in your cyber security career. You can improve your knowledge, skills and gain new qualifications.

  • Read more about cyber security professional certification
  • The UK Cyber Security Council supports professional development for those working in or aspiring to work in the cyber security profession.
  • The GCHQ Certified Training is designed to assure high quality cyber security training courses delivered by experienced training providers. You can access a range of cyber security training offered either in-house for your organisation, online or in the classroom. Courses are listed on the APMG website.
  • The Cyber Security Body Of Knowledge (CyBOK) is a comprehensive Body of Knowledge intended to inform and underpin education and professional training for the cyber security sector.
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