CENSIS is the Innovation Centre for sensor and imaging systems and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. 

They help organisations explore innovation and overcome technology barriers to achieve business transformation. They act as independent trusted advisers, allowing organisations to implement quality, efficiency and performance improvements and fast-track the development of new products and services for global markets. 

The Internet of Things is set to transform the business models of many industries of importance to the Scottish economy, either creating internal efficiencies or introducing new revenue streams. Due to its interconnected nature, one of the critical challenges associated with the effective and safe adoption of IoT is that of the security and resilience of IoT systems. 

CENSIS help companies integrate security features during the design stages of IoT products and services, making them ‘secure by design’ and without impacting their functionality. They work with organisations across Scotland to raise awareness, provide education, demonstrate best practice, and improve access to the best IoT cyber security expertise.



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