CyberScotland Week

Keeping everyone cyber aware and resilient.

26th February - 3rd March 2024

CyberScotland Week brings people and organisations across Scotland together to raise cyber security awareness and build cyber resilience.

This week of events is for everyone, regardless of age. Cyber threats can impact our personal and professional lives as we increasingly live more of our lives online. We all need to understand cyber risks and take steps to protect ourselves, our families, and our businesses as the digital world continues to expand. CyberScotland Week offers something for individuals who want to be safer online, as well as for organisations looking to develop robust cyber defences. By participating in CyberScotland Week, we can work together to create a more secure digital future for Scotland.

Get Involved in CyberScotland Week

Host an Event

Use your cyber security knowledge and experience to educate others. Hosting an event is a great way to help improve Scotland’s cyber resilience by sharing best practices and inspiring behaviour change. Register your event here.

Attend an Event

Further your own cyber awareness and understanding by participating in one of the week’s many events. There are opportunities to learn for individuals as well as teams.

If you’re part of an organisation, encourage your colleagues to attend CyberScotland Week events together.

Don’t forget to tag us on social media and use #CSW2024 to show us how you’re getting involved!

CyberScotland Week Information


26th February – 3rd March 2024


Across Scotland

Key Events 2024

You don’t need to be a cyber security expert to support CyberScotland Week. Increase your cyber awareness and understanding by attending one of the online or in-person events across Scotland.

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Section Getting the cyber basics right

Getting the cyber basics right

There are simple steps you can take to protect yourself and your business from cyber security risks to ensure you have the basics in place.

A good start is with the NCSC’s Small Buisness Guide and Small Charity Guide.

Each contains five quick and easy steps that could save time, money and even your business’ reputation. Doing these steps will significantly increase your protection from the most common types of cyber crime.

If you want to improve your cyber security further, then you can seek certification under the Cyber Essentials scheme.

Go to Small Buisness Guide

The guide includes 5 steps:

  1. Backing up your data 
  2. Protecting your organisation from malware
  3. Keeping your smartphones (and tablets) safe
  4. Using passwords to protect your data
  5. Avoiding phishing attacks

Learn how to protect yourself or your small business online with the Cyber Aware Action Plan. Answer a few questions on topics like passwords and two-factor authentication, and get a free personalised list of actions that will help you improve your cyber security.

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