Report An Incident

Reporting cyber crime or fraud

You can report Cybercrime as follows:

  • By phoning 101 (non-emergency) or 999 (emergency)
  • In person at any police station

Have you spotted a suspicious email or text message?

The message might be from a company you don’t normally receive communications from, or someone you do not know. You may just have a hunch. If you are suspicious, you should report it. By doing so you’ll be helping to protect many more people from being affected.


If you have received an email which you’re not quite sure about, please forward the email to the NCSC’s Suspicious Email Reporting Service (SERS): [email protected]

The NCSC will analyst the suspect email and any website it links to. They will use any additional information you have provided to look for and monitor suspicious activity.

Text Message

Suspicious text messages should be forwarded to 7726.

This free-of-charge short code enables your provider to investigate the origin of the text and take action, if found to be malicious.


If you have come across a website that you think is fake or trying to scam you, you can report it to the NCSC by filling out the online form.

Cyber Incident Response Helpline

The Scottish Business Resilience Centre’s (SBRC) cyber incident response helpline (01786 437 472) can support organisations that have been a victim of an attack and provide expert guidance to get back to secure operations.

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