Cyber Security Careers

Getting a job in cyber security

The cyber security industry continues to grow and employers in all sectors are looking to recruit cyber security professionals.

Cyber security offers career opportunities for people with a whole range of skills. Whether you’re entering with strong communication skills, technical know-how or strong problem solving abilities, there are roles where you can develop as a professional.

Section Understand cyber security careers

Understand cyber security careers

Skills Development Scotland has produced an interactive career framework that sets out 15 key cyber security roles. It provides information about what these roles involve, qualifications required and general salary levels for each.


Explore cyber careers

The Digital World website includes an interactive map with a range of learning opportunities near you.


Section Apprenticeships in Cyber Security

Apprenticeships in Cyber Security

Apprenticeships help you build the experience and skills that employers want to see.

  • Foundation Apprenticeships can give a taste of the tech industry in S5 and S6. You’ll get time out of the classroom and get to work on real projects at college and with employers.
  • A Modern Apprenticeship is an opportunity to work, learn and earn a salary at the same time.
  • With a Graduate Apprenticeship, you can work, get paid, and get a degree at the same time.

Graduate Apprenticeships in Cyber Security are available at SCQF level 10 BEng (Hons) and SCQF level 11 BEng (Masters).

For more information and live opportunities, visit

Explore Apprenticeships

Whether you’re looking to improve your long-term talent pipeline or address skills gaps, the Scottish apprenticeship programme offers flexible options to suit your business needs.

Employers can use apprenticeships to attract new talent or upskill existing staff.

Digital and Cyber Apprenticeship Employer Toolkit

A practical guide for employers on cyber security and digital technology apprenticeships. This toolkit will guide you through the different types of training available for new recruits and for members of your existing workforce. It will also explain some practical […]

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