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The CyberScotland Partnership is a collaborative leadership approach to focus efforts on improving cyber resilience across Scotland.

The Scottish Governments key strategic stakeholders have come together in a formal partnership arrangement to drive the delivery of activities that will achieve the outcomes of The Strategic Framework for a Cyber Resilient Scotland.

Section New DIGI Ken? videos launched for CyberScotland Week

New DIGI Ken? videos launched for CyberScotland Week

To kick off CyberScotland Week 2024 CyberScotland’s DIGI Ken? campaign has returned showcasing three new videos focused on password safety and securing data.
The new DIGI Ken? videos are based on the NCSC’s Cyber Aware guidance related to backing up your data, saving passwords in your browser or using a password manager and the importance of using a strong and separate password for your email.

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Section Cyber Incident Response Helpline

Cyber Incident Response Helpline

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Cyber Spring Clean

Spring is not just a good time for cleaning your home, it’s also a good time to review your cyber hygiene.

With the ever-evolving cyber landscape, it’s good to conduct a review of your systems and processes to ensure you have implemented the cyber defences relevant to you or your business.

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Cyber Resilience for Credit Unions

In an era where digital threats are evolving at an unprecedented rate, credit unions face unique cyber security challenges. With their reputation for personal customer service and community trust, it is paramount that credit unions also lead in protecting their members’ financial and personal information.

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Cyber Roadshows in Stornoway

The Cyber and Fraud Centre is hitting the road and will deliver a series of events for Private, Public and Third sector organisations across the country. These events will focus on discussing some key cyber security topics you and your organisation or charity should be considering for 2024. Everything discussed will tie in with additional resources available and help you fully utilise these within your own organisation or charity.


Advice & Guidance

The tools and guidance you need to improve your organisation’s cyber resilience. This advice reduces the likelihood of becoming a victim to cyber crime. Or in the event on an attack, how to better handle it and limit its impact.

Incident Response

The NCSC defines a cyber incident as unauthorised access (or attempted access) to an organisation’s IT system/s. These may be malicious attacks such as denial of service attacks, malware infection, ransomware or more commonly phishing attacks.

Skills & Careers

The cyber security industry continues to grow rapidly with many new and exciting jobs emerging all the time

Current Cyber Threats

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College Development Network
Cyber and Fraud Centre – Scotland
Education Scotland
Highlands and Islands Enterprise
Lead Scotland
National Cyber Security Centre
Police Scotland
Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations
Scottish Enterprise
Scottish Government
Scottish Social Services Council
Skills Development Scotland
UK Cyber Security Council
Young Scot
YouthLink Scotland
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