The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), the UK’s technical authority on cyber security, have issued new guidance, the latest in a series of interventions which began in January 2022, to assist UK organisations bolster their cyber defences in response to the situation in and around Ukraine.

They have urged UK organisations to prepare for an extended period of heightened threat in relation to the Russia-Ukraine conflict and have published new guidance.

The guidance sets out eight steps for sustaining a strengthened cyber security posture when systems, processes and the workforce remain under pressure, focusing on staff welfare as a direct contributor to maintaining an organisation’s resilience.

The NCSC assess the cyber threat to the UK, as a result of the conflict, remaining as heightened and organisations are urged to not let their guard down and to consult the new guidance to prepare for longer-term resilience.

The recommended actions in the guidance include:

  • Getting the basics right by following our ‘actions to take when the cyber threat is heightened’ guidance
  • Revisiting risk-based decisions taken during the initial phase of heightened threat
  • Empowering IT security to make day-to-day decisions about the threat response without requiring additional oversight
  • Ensuring workloads are spread evenly across individuals and teams and that frontline IT security can take breaks to recharge
  • Accelerating planned action to harden networks and boost defence capabilities

It also points to other NCSC guidance and resources to help organisations improve their longer-term resilience, including the 10 Steps to Cyber Security and Cyber Security Toolkit for Boards.

For further information visit: Actions to take when the cyber threat is heightened – NCSC.GOV.UK where you will find the relevant advice, actions and resources.

Further information and guidance for specific sectors are available through the NCSC website

We would also encourage you to follow the NCSC’s social media channels: LinkedIn and Twitter for further alerts and updates.

If you have been a victim of crime, and its not an ongoing emergency, you can report this to Police Scotland on 101.

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