This free workshop covers how to keep your online events safe and secure.

Based on advice from the National Cyber Security Centre, we will share tips on how to keep your event or conference cyber resilient, and include sensible steps you can take when using conferencing technology facilities, (Zoom, Skype, Hangouts and Teams), to protect your privacy. No technical knowledge is required to attend – this is suitable for all organisations running online events.

The training will:

  • Show you how to take sensible steps when using conferencing technologies facilities, (Zoom, Skype, Hangouts, teams), to protect your privacy and safety of attendees
  • Help you feel more confident, and safe when using these tools, tips that will give them more control over what they share when attending meetings
  • Help meeting hosts understand what responsibilities they should consider when running an online event.

This is a one hour course, and will be on Friday 28 January (using Microsoft Teams)

Friday 28 January, 10am – (Microsoft Teams)

Register here

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