Micro Exercise in a Box sessions are free, do not require any technical knowledge, and are open to public, private and third sector organisations. 

Currently, SBRC’s Exercise in a Box sessions offer three scenarios, ‘Working from Home’, ‘Digital Supply Chain’ and ‘Ransomware’.

The Micro Exercise session combines aspects of each of these with additional, broader cyber security learnings within a 90 minute session to ensure all organisations, regardless of their sector or level of cyber knowledge, can benefit. Micro Exercise in a Box workshops will discuss some of the basics of good cyber housekeeping :

  • Ensuring password security 
  • Identifying and reporting phishing emails 
  • Connecting securely during remote work 
  • Responding to a ransomware attack 

Register your space for the upcoming Micro Exercise in a Box session here. 25th Jan 9.30am – 11.00am

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