Recapping CYBER UK 2024: Cyber and Fraud Centre Community Meet-Up

Join the the Cyber and Fraud Centre – Scotland on the 30th of May 2024 from 17.30-19.30 to connect with Scottish organisations and discuss all the key headlines from Cyber UK. There will be a select group of recent CYBER UK attendees present, sharing valuable insights from the event.

Technical Bulletin May 2024

The CyberScotland Technical Bulletin will provide you with information about updates, exploits and countermeasures.

• Microsoft Patch Tuesday

• Dev Popper Attack

• Cuttlefish malware infects routers to monitor traffic for credentials

Cyber Secure Banking: Best practice for organisations

Online banking has become an indispensable tool for organisations. It offers convenience, efficiency, and improved cash flow management, all while contributing to a more streamlined financial operation. The convenience of managing finances online comes with the responsibility of safeguarding sensitive financial data.

Cyber Secure Banking: Best practice for individuals

In today’s fast-paced business world, online banking is an essential tool. It offers convenience, efficiency, and real-time access to manage finances. However, with this convenience comes the responsibility of protecting your funds from cyber threats.

Cyber Secure Banking: Online threats

Online banking, with its convenience and ease of access, has become an essential part of our financial lives. As financial transactions increasingly shift to digital platforms, ensuring the security of your financial information has never been more important.

May 2024

The CyberScotland Bulletin will provide you with information about the latest cyber threats, scams, news and updates.

This months topics include:
• UK Government announce new laws to protect consumers against cyber criminals

• NCSC publish guidance for Business E-mail Compromise

•Cyber insurance industry unites to clamp down on ransom payments

•CYBERUK 2024 and more…

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