As a part of the CyberScotland Partnership funding initiative, the Central and West Integration Network (CWIN) have produced a new cyber security booklet, designed specifically to enhance the cyber resilience of asylum seekers and refugees.

CWIN works to support asylum seekers, refugees and BME communities through services and projects including community learning, events, information and advice, and support for health and wellbeing. Their Internet Safety Project, aims to enable those communities to recognise and manage cyber risks.

Throughout last year until March 2024, CWIN ran the cyber security project aiming to empower asylum seekers and refugees with vital advice, boosting digital literacy in the community. Led by Amara Hassan, their Computing Classes and Cyber-awareness Workshops covered essential protection steps against online scams.

The comprehensive booklet, produced in collaboration with Scottish Government, compiles key digital safety topics presented to asylum seekers and refugees during CWIN’s Cyber Security Project classes and workshops in 2023 and 2024. Inside you will learn the fundamentals of cyber security and practical steps to protect your personal information from online scams. By promoting strong password practices and secure online habits, the booklet empowers newcomers to participate confidently in the cyber landscape.

The content is available in English, Arabic, Farsi, Ukrainian, Kurdish, Sorani and Spanish.

A free digital copy of the booklet is available on their website here

Full article from CWIN available here

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