#ScamWatch Week 2021 – 30th August – 5th September

With information being more readily available online, and methods of contact being more accessible, scammers are in a better position than ever to engage with us.

The more vulnerable members of our communities are often the preferred targets of scammers because of the belief that they will be easier to deceive, and that they will have additional difficulty in seeking help – This campaign aims to change this.

Throughout the course of Scottish #ScamWatch Week 2021, Advice Direct Scotland will be shining a light on the scams impacting Scottish consumers and the ways that the public can reduce exposure to scammers and avoid being caught out.

From 30th August to the 5th of September, Scottish #ScamWatch Week will be focusing on different types of scams such as financial and investment scams, cyber scams, and blackmail. This includes raising awareness of malware and tips on how to be cyber-aware, such as ensuring anti-virus software is kept up-to-date, that adequate passphrase protections are in place, and that important data is backed up.

The campaign, will highlight practical steps that consumers can take to prevent letting the scammers in, and what to do in situations where they slip through the net.

Follow us on Twitter where we will be sharing information on the most common scams and how you can avoid being caught out.

Scottish #ScamWatch Week 2021 is brought to you by Advice Direct Scotland through, the official consumer partner of the Scottish Government.

More information on the campaign can be found by visiting

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