With more of us banking online, the security of our personal and financial information has never been more important. This is why the CyberScotland Partnership has launched the new “Cyber Secure Banking” campaign.

In their ‘Annual Report 2024’ UK Finance reported on fraud as “a major problem and threat to the UK” with losses of nearly £1.2 billion reported in 2023. The Cyber Secure Banking campaign aims to empower individuals and organisations to become more cyber aware and resilient when banking online, offering three unique blogs that provide guidance on various online threats and best practice for individuals and organisations.

Online threats

It is important to aware of the many online threats and the best protective measures that can be taken against them in the world of online banking.

This guidance provides simple breakdowns of some of the most prominent cyber threats including phishing scams, malware attacks, remote access, and the various scams related to Authorised Push Payment, such as romance fraud or investment scams.

Read the full guidance – Online threats

Best practice for individuals

This guidance breaks down simple steps that can be implemented to enhance your cyber resilience as an individual, such as keeping your software updated, using secure connections and monitoring account activity. There is also a breakdown of the steps to take if you become a victim of fraud, to ensure best practice in the case of an incident.

Read the full guidance – Best practice for individuals

Best practice for organisations

This guidance aims to empower organisations to better mitigate risks associated with online financial transactions. It provides practical tips for protecting sensitive financial information from cyber threats and includes resources to ensure an organisation is practicing cyber secure banking.

Read the full guidance – Best practice for organisations

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