We have so many internet connected devices which hold a lot of our personal data and sometimes in ways we don’t expect. It’s obvious that our phones, laptops or tablets hold data such as our emails, files, photos, browsing history, passwords and wifi access information. But what about these other devices such as games consoles, USB storage and other similar devices?

If you trade in or pass on your old devices, it is important to make sure you first of all;

  • Back up your personal data from that old device

And you then,

  • Delete your personal data from the device, restore it to its’ factory settings and for you to ensure the device memory has been wiped clean of your data.

If your old device was to fall into the wrong hands and you have not deleted your data from it, you could be creating a great opportunity where your personal data could be shared or sold on to criminals or hackers, who could use that data to either scam you or others, steal your identity and use it to commit fraud.

Even if you are passing your old device on to someone you know and trust, you don’t know how they are going to use it, who they might subsequently pass it on to or even if they will dispose of it properly.

So it is really important for you to stay in control of your personal data and by using the links below, to the NCSC guidance on backing up your data and deleting your personal data from devices, will help you to protect yourself, your data and digital privacy.

Police Scotland

Information from Police Scotland Cybercrime Harm Prevention Team

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