The CyberScotland Partnership is a vital collaboration, providing clear and coherent information to support individuals and organisations in their efforts to stay secure and resilient. The end of February will mark the second anniversary of the CyberScotland Partnership.

Over the past year, the CyberScotland Partnership has collaborated on cyber security campaigns for a range of audiences, and created resources to help organisations prepare for cyber incidents.

A new cybercrime training guide was created to help employers and staff understand their role in preventing cyber attacks and help businesses improve their cyber security practices.

In October, as part of Cyber Security Month, the partnership held the CyberScotland Summit in Edinburgh, which attracted over 200 delegates. Speakers emphasized the importance of trust and transparency in building relationships, both within and across borders and sectors, to achieve a truly cyber-resilient Scotland. Lindy Cameron, CEO of the National Cyber Security Centre, praised Scotland’s approach to cyber security and highlighted the strong ecosystem in place as a major factor in reducing the impact of cyber attacks.

Another notable achievement was the launch of a series of television adverts titled “DIGI Ken”, which aimed to educate the public on how to protect themselves online. The campaign was widely praised for its creative and effective approach to cyber security awareness.

The annual CyberScotland Week returns at the end of February, bringing together experts from industry, government, and academia to share knowledge and discuss the latest developments in cyber security. The events feature several workshops and seminars on topics such as threat intelligence, incident response, and skills development.

The CyberScotland Partnership has made significant progress in increasing awareness and understanding of cyber security issues among the public, private and third sectors. With the continued support of the partners, it is well-positioned to continue this important work in the coming year, ensuring that organisations and individuals throughout Scotland are more cyber resilient.

The 17 participating organisations in the CyberScotland Partnership are:

CENSISCollege Development Network; Education ScotlandHighlands and Islands Enterprise; IASMENational Cyber Security CentrePolice ScotlandScotlandISScottish Business Resilience CentreScottish Council for Voluntary OrganisationsScottish EnterpriseScottish GovernmentScottish Social Services CouncilSkills Development ScotlandYoungScotYouthLink Scotland; and the UK Cyber Security Council.

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