It’s that time of year when we are busy organising the CyberFirst Girls’ Competition with registration opening on the 26th of September. It would be great to see your school sign up again to take part.

As a reminder, the Competition is designed for girls and those identifying as female in S2 in Scotland as a way to introduce them to cyber security, why it matters and where it could take them.

For independent schools, please refer to the Independent Schools: How you can help! section on our website.

How you can help…

As in previous years, we need your help to identify your young leaders, problem solvers, communicators and forward-thinkers, get them to form a team of up to four girls and sign them up for the Competition.

Please spare a few minutes to empower the next generation of girls to find a career for the future:

This is your chance to give every girl a head start.

Thank you for your support.

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