Can you OSINT? (Every day from 26th February – 3rd March)

Can you OSINT? (Every day from 26th February – 3rd March)

This event will run from the 26th February until the 3rd of March.

The registration link will be live from the 26th February at 10a.m.

OSINT – (Open-Source Intelligence) refers to data that you can gather legally.

With that information in mind, we at Siker Cyber have created an OSINT challenge for you to use your intelligence gathering skills to answer some questions on a fictional family called the Smiths.

This challenge consists of three tiers

πŸ”Tier 1 – Easy

Embark on your OSINT journey with Tier 1, where questions cater to both newcomers and seasoned participants. This tier promises a stimulating experience that’s both educational and enjoyable.

πŸ”Tier 2 – Moderate

Elevate your OSINT expertise with Tier 2, where the challenges become more intricate. Navigate through questions designed to test your knowledge and critical thinking.

πŸ”Tier 3 – Challenging

For the bold and the daring, Tier 3 presents a challenge that pushes the boundaries of your OSINT skills. Brace yourself for the most intricate questions that demand a masterful touch.

🌐 Open to All in Scotland Cyber Week – Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a curious learner, everyone is invited to join the Cyber Week festivities.

πŸ“ How to Participate

Register for the event below which will lead to tier 1. To progress to tier 2 a link is provided at the end of tier 1. To access the tier 3 questions, a link is hidden in two of the social media that the Smiths regularly use. Submit the answers correctly to qualify for fantastic prize draws.

πŸ† Prizes Await – On completion of each tier, if you have answered all questions correctly, you will be automatically entered into the following draws.

Tier 1 – Β£80 Amazon voucher

Tier 2 – Β£120 Amazon voucher

Tier 3 – Β£200 Amazon voucher

πŸš€ Ready to prove your OSINT mastery? Click on ‘Book Now’ below to begin the challenge

Best of luck and may your OSINT skills shine bright in this CyberScotland Week challenge! πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈβœ¨


Siker Cyber

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